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Hello again! It's been a little longer than I should have liked since I last blogged here, but rest assured that I have not been shirking my webmasterly duties! I returned—after a period of absence—to my Neocities website, the Town of Klopnis, where I've added a few Philosophy essays and a (still somewhat sparse) links page.

“What made you turn your attention back to this blog, Klopnis?” you may well be crying into the aether. Well, very simply, I can't see how a relative newbie to webmastery like me would be able to blog with ease on Neocities. Sure, I can just create pages of text and use those as blog posts, but I'd have absolutely no clue how to do certain things—like, for instance, setting up an RSS feed for my readers. It feels churlish to say this on such a lovely website as, but I think if I were able to do those things, I'd probably concentrate all of my efforts on my Neocities site rather than trying to keep two sites adequately maintained. HTML is one heck of a learning experience for someone who's less than a year into all of this, but boy oh boy is it rewarding when you actually get things working for the first time.

On another note—and really, this is the thought that inspired me to write a blog post today—I think I've decided to go down a different route with the design of the ToK (the ToK, of course, being the Town of Klopnis). All the flavour text on the site is inspired by how a Dungeon Master would describe a setting to their players, and the very idea behind the website itself is to provide an almost skeuomorphic approach to a website. Whilst I came up with the idea by myself, I've since discovered that I'm far from first to do so, and I owe credit to alexandra and Nightfall City for the ongoing—and unwitting—inspiration that they offer me.

Despite all this, the actual aesthetics of the site currently owe a great deal to the Motherfucking Website, and they owe even more to the Better Motherfucking Website. In terms of accessibility, that's a huge win. However, as I realised while reading this newsletter, in terms of artistic expression, it's rubbish. I'm going to try and make the design feel just as fantasy-esque as the rest of the approach. It'll take some time—CSS scares me—but by golly, I'm really excited to create something that hopefully looks as cool and evocative as Slaughter Bootlegs someday.

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